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Friday, November 19, 2010


One of the most surprising things I've learned about Twitter is what a wonderful community builder it actually is -- in just months I've become a member of several communities with fun, fascinating people accomplished in the areas of society and culture I'm interested in.

Among the best is the amazing book community. It is erudite, welcome, goofy and diverse. It's easy to be involved too. Start with #fridayreads -- the "what are you reading?" tweets about books, audiobooks, magazines, cereal boxes, you name it. If you're reading it, tweet it and include the hashtag #fridayreads to be part of the wonderful @bookmaven weekend starter.

If you're not on Twitter, there's another way to share the news. Post a comment on the #fridayreads book blog partner, at (and check out Bookladysblog often -- she's a great friend of readers, writers and books in general who is not afraid to note her opinion.

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