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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Review: 'Don't Let Go'

Don't Let Go
By Harlan Coben
Suspense Fiction
October 2017
Dutton Books
ISBN: 978-0525955115

Nap Dumas has overcome heartache in his life -- his mother was never around, his beloved father has died. In between those two events, his twin brother was killed when they were seniors in high school and the love of his young life disappeared. In the years since, Nap became a cop and is an investigator for the county where he grew up.

The past is about to catch up with him when two cops from out of state show up at his door. A cop in their own town was killed. He was a guy Nap went to high school with, but that's not why they came. It's because a set of prints he put into the system years ago got a hit when they were processing the case. The prints belong to the girl who captured his heart and vanished when they all were in school.

From there, the action never stops in Harlan Coben's latest suspense novel. Old friends, old rumors and new perspectives on what Nap thought he knew come together masterfully. Who Nap is, who he was and who he could become are an important part of the story. This becomes as integral to the story as solving the mystery. As a bonus, an old favorite makes an appearance.

Coben says that two rumors he grew up with turned out to both be true. They certainly work together well in Don't Let Go. They also show that secrets aren't really secrets in a small town. And if someone doesn't hide the truth from himself, he can find a way to reconcile past and future.

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