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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Liebster Blog Award

Many thanks to the wonderful Emma Hunneyball of In Potentia for nominating Ye Olde Humble Blog for the Liebster Blog Award! It's a lovely way to let fellow book lovers and bloggers know about other great blogs. As Emma wrote in her lovely note (found in the comments section of the review of The Mirador):

Hi Lynne                                                        

I was recently awarded the "Liebster Blog Award" and when prompted to share it with five other blogs I immediately thought of yours.

I'm a big fan of your book reviews, which are honest, varied and interesting.



I'm chuffed to be recognized by a fellow reader whose opinion I esteem as a discerning reader. In these days when niche markets and pigeonholes are the norm, it's a thrill to be recognized by a fellow blogger for refusing to stay in a pigeonhole or be stuck within the confines of a singular niche.

And when it comes to noting how lovely such recognition is, I cannot say better than Emma did at her blog, In Potentia:

Peer-to-peer awards are so important in this world: They let us support each other, reach out to each other and remind us that when we feel like our posts are disappearing into a vacuum of apathy, that someone out there is reading!

Check back in the next few days to see how I've chosen to pass this lovely award to in honoring more peers in this invigorating community.

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